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What Peter said about Sharp Aquos LC32LE700UN

Today  I want to write my review or testimonial for Sharp Aquos LC32LE700UN which is i think this one is very amazing HDTV you should consider. But actually I am not a good writer but i try to write this clearly about LC32LE700UN hope it can help you people when you are choosing a new HDTV for your home.

Well I got this LC32LE700UN Sharp about a week ago,  it’s  picture is amazing. Very very black , extremely sharp color. paired with a sharp aquos blu-ray player, the aquos link system works very nicely. More than enough connections. Menu/settings are pretty easy to access/understand.

And Sharp Aquos LC32LE700UN LED technology seems the way to go given the energy savings and life of the backlight, and sharp seems to have a winner here. interesting to me – if you upgrade to this from an old lcd hdtv, you’ll notice a huge difference in the heat coming from the tv.

But the only downside of Sharp LC32LE700UN are the speakers – they are clear enough but tiny and hollow. but this holds for every lcd tv on the market as far as i am concerned, so i can’t really hold this against sharp.

like the previous reviewer said, as long as it proves reliable sharp has produced a tv that gives the best sony, samsung, and other sets a run for their money – at a much lower price

If you haven’t seen a full array LED LCD TV, you’re in for a treat. Don’t let the premium priced Samsung LED LCD’s tempt you either, because their LED’s are all on the edges. This has a full array behind the screen so that the picture is much brighter (when adjusted) and more uniform. Buy this and get some computer speakers. You will not regret it.


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  1. […] Sharp Aquos LC32LE700UN, the tuner is a little slow but 99% of us are going to use this set with HDMI sources like a HD cable or Satellite box – right? No flaws in the display but you have to open the little door on the remote and find the A/V mode that suits your environment. This LC32LE700UN has a huge number of “knobs to turn” as far as setting up the picture so be careful and find the mode and settings that you need. Once you get it set – it will blow you away. […]

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